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 Malcolm Young, founding member of AC/DC, dies


In this article: Brian C. Johnson, Cliff Williams
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 The Gun Control Legislation That Even Republicans Like*

<p dir="ltr>Republicans and Democrats have found gun legislation both sides agree on. But that doesn't mean it will pass.</p><p>In the wake of mass shootings in Nevada, Texas and California, Democratic Senator Chris ... »Read

In this article: Christopher Cox, Dianne Feinstein
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 A new approach to protecting rivers


In this article: Drought, Legislature, PPIC, water
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 Charles Manson still alive, but his condition remains a mystery


In this article: Jerry Brown, water, Vicky Waters
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 Global Warming and Land Use


In this article: CEQA, global warming, water
Bills: AB 32,
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 Franken under fire*

<p ><em>The Roundup is compiled and curated by <strong>GEOFF HOWARD, Associate Editor</strong>.</em> </p>* <p ><em>Questions? Email him at</em></p>* ... »Read

In this article: Dianne Feinstein, Darrell Issa, Tony Mendoza, water, Martin Wisckol
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 House tax bill vote could hinge on the undecided California Republicans


In this article: Jerry Brown, Darrell Issa
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 The Strange Power of 'Ecotopia'


In this article: Legislature, Gavin Newsom, renewable energy, Dan Walters
Bills: SB 35,
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 Robert Iger For President?


In this article: minimum wage
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 Nixing nepotism*

<p><strong><a href=http:* <p><strong>Sacramento Bee's ADAM ASHTON</strong>: "Three state workers, including the daughter of a Sacramento-area assemblyman, could lose their jobs because a personnel audit ... »Read

In this article: Board of Equalization, Jerry Brown, Jeff Denham, Michael Finnegan, Louis Freedberg, Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa, Stephen T. Knight, Ricardo Lara, Legislative Analyst's Office, Tony Mendoza, Carlos R. Moreno, David Pacheco, Dana Rohrabacher, Ed Royce, George Runner, Senate Republicans, state budget, David G. Valadao, Mimi Walters, water
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 GOP braces for extended clash in Alabama


In this article: Drought, Dan Morain, water
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 Wednesday's Sports in Brief


In this article: Drought, Dan Morain, water
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