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Los Angeles Times

   L.A. film openings, Sept. 27-29
Top of the Ticket - 6:00 am

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 California would take biggest hit under Senate Republicans' latest Obamacare repeal plan
Top of the Ticket - 5:00 am

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   UC is handing out generous pensions, and students are paying the price with higher tuition
Top of the Ticket - 5:00 am

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 Political Road Map: Don't miss the fine print in this big California campaign disclosure bill
Top of the Ticket - 12:05 am

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Bills: AB 249,
 California Republicans looking for ways to increase their relevance in statewide races
 Dodgers lose Hyun-Jin Ryu to arm injury and then game to Giants
Top of the Ticket - Sept. 23, 9:25 pm
 California gets its own official state dinosaur
- Sept. 23, 7:10 pm

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Bills: AB 1540,
 Sammy Watkins filled a void in Rams' offense and has drawn comparisons to DeSean Jackson
Top of the Ticket - Sept. 23, 5:50 pm

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Sacramento Bee

 Black lawmakers ponder Trump agenda at annual gathering
- 12:51 pm

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   California lawmakers look to free older and younger inmates
- 8:17 am

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 #  Trump's NFL tirade shows the nation who he really is: A white supremacist
Opinion - 7:53 am

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 #  How Donald Trump is helping to save our democracy
Opinion - 7:02 am

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 #  Where is Dail Dinwiddie? Someone has the power to release Dan and Jean Dinwiddie from a horrific nightmare that has consumed them for 25 years.
Opinion - 7:01 am
   #  President Donald Trump actually is making us crazy
Opinion - 7:00 am
 #  'Hey, little buddy, don't let bullies define you'
Opinion - 7:00 am
   #  A half-century later, Delta water bypass still just a notion
   #  Obamacare repeal + Spicey reverts to form + Erika Smith stirs San Fran
Opinion - 12:01 am

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 #  Are McConnell and Ryan tired of winning?
Opinion - Sept. 23, 5:00 pm

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