Loretta Lynch

Former President - California Public Utilities Commission
 Loretta Lynch biography:
Loretta Lynch was appointed by Governor Gray Davis as President of the California Public Utilities Commission on March 22, 2000. Ms. Lynch is responsible for managing 900 employees and is one of five Commissioners charged with regulating telecommunications, utilities, and commercial transportation and water companies.
The California PUC enforces consumer protection mandates as well as provides a fair and competitive environment for business and economic development in California, while ensuring that energy, water and phone services are provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Ms. Lynch's term expires in January 2005.
Since her appointment as President of the PUC, Ms. Lynch has coauthored a report in August 2000 for Governor Davis that was among the first of its kind, providing a comprehensive survey of the potential causes of the energy crisis, the history of California's deregulation experiment, and dozens of recommendations to solve the crisis. Since energy prices spiked in early summer 2000, Ms. Lynch has been a leader in the evolution of the state's energy policies with regard to energy efficiency programs, financial protections for the cash-strapped utilities, low income customer rate discounts, natural gas infrastructure, and transmission line siting. She has led the PUC's efforts to protect California from anti-consumer proposals in PG&E's federal bankruptcy proceeding, intervened before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on issues relating to price gouging by power sellers, and developed legislation to address dozens of energy issues.

Prior to her appointment to the PUC, Ms. Lynch was the director of Governor Davis' Office of Planning and Research. OPR's mission is two-fold: fulfilling statutory land use and environmental requirements and developing affirmative policy proposals and projects at the direction of the Governor. OPR's statutory mandates include: coordinating California's environmental justice efforts, overseeing review of land developments of regional and state significance, reviewing local governments' general plans and, through the State Clearinghouse, coordinating environmental and land use filings from local entities. OPR also functions as the Governor's liaison with local governments and Ms. Lynch assisted with the Governor's Commission on Building for the 21st Century and with the development of budget and policy proposals.

Ms. Lynch holds a degree from Yale Law School and prior to joining public service was a partner in the litigation firm of Keker & Van Nest.

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