Dominic J. Caserta   DEMOCRAT

Santa Clara City Councilman, Educator, Realtor
 Dominic J. Caserta biography:
About Dominic

Born and Raised in Silicon Valley

A descendant of Portuguese and Italian immigrants, Dominic Caserta is a fifth generation resident of Santa Clara. His family has been active in the civic affairs of the Mission City for more than 100 years. Dominic was born and raised in the Santa Clara Valley.

Dominic’s elected service first began in November 2002 when he was overwhelmingly elected to the Santa Clara City Council. In November 2006, Dominic was re-elected in a landslide victory.

Councilmember CasertaAs the Vice-Mayor, Councilmember and Chaplain, Dominic has been a strong advocate of fiscal discipline, economic revitalization, and safe streets for Santa Clara’s children.

Like many residents of Santa Clara, Dominic shares the challenges of life in Silicon Valley: traffic congestion, dwindling open space, and rising housing costs. Dominic has tackled these issues head on as a Councilmember, putting public policy above partisan politics and creating workable solutions.

A Teacher's Perspective

Dominic with studentsIn addition to his distinguished service on the Santa Clara City Council, Dominic is a respected teacher at Santa Clara High School. Since August 1997, Dominic has taught American Government, Economics and American History. He also served as the United Teacher’s of Santa Clara Union representative.

As a public school teacher, Dominic has an in-depth perspective on the current state of our public educational system. Dominic is a strong advocate with a vision for improving our schools and preparing our children for the workforce. He understands that an excellent education is the key ingredient in preparing our children for the global economy of the 21st century.

Community Leadership

In addition to his duties in the classroom and at City Hall, Dominic has his real estate license. Dominic is also involved as the Library Ambassador for Santa Clara, Chair of the Ethics Committee for Santa Clara, a member of the Santa Clara Optimist Club, SES Portuguese Corporation, the Italian American Heritage Foundation, the Young Men’s Institute of Santa Clara, the Santa Clara Unified School District’s Wellness, Nutrition & Physical Activity Committee and member of the California Teachers Association (CTA).
Dominic lives in the Old Quad of Santa Clara and recently had his Mission-style home on the Santa Clara Home Tour. Dominic received his Bachelors degree in Political Science from Santa Clara University and is a graduate of Bellarmine College Preparatory.

Dominic's Record of Service

Community Involvement

* Santa Clara Councilmember, seat #2 (Elected 2002, Re-elected 2006)
* Vice-Mayor, City of Santa Clara, 2004
* Chaplain, City of Santa Clara, 2005
* Library Ambassador, City of Santa Clara
* Agency Member, Redevelopment Agency
* Authority Member, Sports & Open Space Authority
* Authority Member, Industrial Development Agency
* Authority Member, Joint Financing Committee
* Board Member, Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
* Member, Transit Planning & Operations, Vallley Transportation Authority, County of Santa Clara
* Member, County Expressways Policy Advisory Committee, Valley Transportation Authority, Count of Santa Clara
* Chairperson, Honorary Naming & Facilities Committee
* Chairperson, Ethics Committee
* Chairperson, Patriot Act Committee
* Chairperson, City/Santa Clara Unified School District Committee
* Chairperson, City-West Valley-Mission Community College
* Committee Member, City/Santa Clara University Neighborhood Relations
* Committee Member, Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
* Committee Member, Mission City 21 Economic Development
* Committee
* Committee Member, Child Care & Preschool
* Committee Member, Council Goal Setting
* Committee Member, Santa Clara Unified Wellness, Nutrition & Physical Activity
* Former Committee Member, Valley Transportation Agency (VTA) Policy Advisory Committee (PAC)
* Alternate, Sister Cities Association
* Alternate, Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
* Alternate, South Bay Discharge Authority

Group Affiliations

* Commissioner, Historical & Landmarks Commission, City of Santa Clara, 2000-2002
* Member, California Teacher’s Association (CTA)
* Member, United Teacher’s of Santa Clara (UTSC)
* Union Representative, United Teacher’s of Santa Clara (UTSC), 2001-2002
* Member, Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter
* Member, Santa Clara County Democratic Club
* Member, Democratic Century Club, County of Santa Clara
* Member, Mission City Democratic Club, City of Santa Clara
* Member, Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
* Member, National Organization for Women (NOW)
* Member, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Silicon Valley NAACP
* Member, Optimist Club, City of Santa Clara
* Citizen’s Police Academy, Graduate, City of Santa Clara
* Home Tour, Docent, City of Santa Clara
* Member, Italian-American Heritage Foundation, County of Santa Clara
* Member, SES Portuguese Association, City of Santa Clara
* Member, Planned Parenthood, Mar Monte
* Member of the Young Men’s Institute, City of Santa Clara
* Member, Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR)
* Member, California Association of Realtors (CAR)
* Member, National Association of Realtors (NAR)

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