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 Jeff Denham biography:
Senator Jeff Denham was elected to the California 12th Senate District in November of 2002. In his first year in office, Senator Denham has focused his efforts on education, agriculture and Worker's Compensation reform. He has been a leading voice in the effort to liquidate state surplus properties and reduce government waste in Sacramento. He serves on the Senate Agriculture and Water Resources, Banking and International Commerce, Education, Natural Resources and Wildlife, Insurance and Veteran's Affairs committees.
Senator Denham is a local agricultural businessman who represents Merced, San Benito, Stanislaus, Madera, and Monterey counties.
Enlisting at the age of 17, he served on active and reserve status for 16 years in the Air Force and is a recipient of the meritorious service medal for his service in Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) and Operation Restore Hope (Somalia).
After Graduating from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, he chose the agriculture industry for a career and now owns and operates Denham Plastics, the leading supplier of reusable containers in the agriculture industry. The company also has an emphasis on innovative plastics solutions including food safety and recycling.
Senator Denham has been married to his wife Sonia for ten years and has two children, eight year-old Austin and six year-old Samantha.
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Dec. 29, 2009: Sen. Denham announced his intention to run for the 19th Congressional District. Denham previously was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Earlier in the day Rep. George Radanovich announced his plan to retire from Congress in 2010.

May 7, 2008: Sen. Don Perata called an end to his campaign to recall Denham "in the spirit of putting politics aside to solve problems." Perata's statement:

March 24, 2008: Members Denham's team in his defense against a recall:
-- Wayne Johnson and Tim Clark, JohnsonClark Associates, lead consultants
-- John Franklin, Campaign Manager
-- Kevin Spillane, consultant and media strategist
-- Mark Bogetich, MB Associates, research specialist
-- Steve Kinney, Public Opinion Strategies, pollster
-- John Bovee, Bovee Company, Sacramento fundraiser
-- Jane Clark, JLC Group, district fundraiser
-- Dana Ferriera, deputy on-site campaign manager

February, 2008: 67,000 Recall signatures were turned in to election officials in the five counties that encompass the senate district. A total of 31,084 valid signatures need to be counted to qualify the recall for the ballot. If successful, the governor will be required to set a date for the recall election. The most likely date would be the same as the June 3 statewide Primary Election.

September 2007: Denham created a campaign account to fight the recall attempt against him. Source:

2007-2008: Denham is defending himself against a recall attempt by the state's Democratic leadership. The recall campaign began during the budget impasse in the summer of 2007, as Denham refused to break from the Republican caucus and cast the final vote necessary to pass the state budget. Consultants Wayne Johnson and Tim Clark are working for Denham's defensive campaign.

Denham's website:
Recall campaign website:

August 2007: Denham was removed by Senate Pro tem Don Perata as vice chair of the governmental organization committee and as chair of the agriculture committee. after the state budget impasse in which Denham refused to break from the Republican caucus and cast the final vote necessary to pass the budget. Perata returned Denham to a seat on the committee in January 2008, though not as vice-chair.

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